这将是令人期待的一年 It is an auspicious time.

这将是令人期待的一年 It is an auspicious time.

2017-02-12 实力视界

这将是令人期待的一年 It is an auspicious time.

2017-01-26 实力观界


Frühlingsstimmen ("Voices Of Spring")Hilde Gueden;Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra;Josef Krips - Hilde Gueden Sings Operetta

We want to send our best wishes to every friend  in China and around the world celebrating Chinese New Year.




From the fairs in Beijing, to the fireworks in Hong Kong and flower market in GuangZhou , families and communities will come together and look tothe year ahead – the Year of the Rooster.




And it is an auspicious time. The Rooster – the 

Gloden  Rooster –represents so many of the good meanings  that express : openness, confidence, hard work and good luck.




And what a year it is set to be – particularly for the   investors all over the world.




World situation and China's economy are  stronger than ever before.




So as the lanterns are lit and the dumplings are served, let us wish you and your family, wherever you are, a very happy and healthy New Year.





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这将是令人期待的一年 It is an auspicious time.


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